After enduring one of the toughest COVID19 social isolation lockdowns in the world, the Women of Soul Collective reunited to embark on a songwriting intensive in 2021. Involving 21 women (spanning five decades in age), the collective drilled down to produce a new suite of compositions for future live shows and our next album recording. 

Songwriting groups comprise of:


Kylie Auldist| Thando | Audrey Powne | Mon Boggia |Chelsea Wilson

Nkechi Anele | Shannen Wick | Bumpy | Emilia 

Carla Troiano |Mon Boggia | Stella Angelico |Laura Ingram 

Kathleen Halloran |Kylie Auldist | Chelsea Wilson 

Laura Ingram | Tamara Murphy | Fem Belling |Kathleen Halloran 

Alzzy | Rita Satch | Emilia Schnall 

Candice Monique | Mon Boggia |Chelsea Wilson 

Sorcha Alberquerqe | Raleigh Williams  | Fem Belling |Alzzy  

Vanessa Fernandez | Germaine McCarthy | Sorcha Albuquerque |Tamara Murphy