Women of Soul is a groundbreaking project that champions, supports and celebrates female-identifying artists and music industry workers. Featuring artists that span a range of ages and identities, the collective are passionate about inclusivity, mentoring and creating pathways for emerging artists. 

The collective comprises artists, producers, songwriters, designers and more who also teach, mentor and consult in the industry. We deliver workshops and masterclasses in conjunction with our touring shows and work with communities to empower, inspire and educate. 

‘Lack of support’ has been identified as a ‘significant barrier to women participating in the Music Industry’, as outlined in the Skipping the Beat Report 2018. The report also revealed: 

  • Women represent only one-fifth of songwriters and composers registered with APRA, despite making up 45% of qualified musicians and half of those studying music;

  • Women creative artists earn far less than their male counterparts;

  • Women receive less airplay on Australian radio;

  • Music festival line-ups are dominated (sometimes entirely) by male artists and male-lead acts;

  • Women are significantly less likely to be honoured in the music industry’s most prestigious awards.


Through empowering and educating, Women of Soul work to counteract the lack of support in the music industry.  Open to all ages and genders our workshop program includes: 

Performance and Stagecraft Masterclass with Chelsea Wilson 


Internationally acclaimed live performer Chelsea Wilson takes you through techniques and strategies to develop your live performances. Covering confidence, interpretation, working with audiences, leading your band, self-expression, microphone technique, movement and more. For vocalists and instrumentalists. 

Creative Direction and Marketing with Carla Troiano: Developing your brand

In this very practical workshop Carla Troiano shows you how to craft your brand, increase your social media followers, create engaging content and become your own Creative Director. 

Ensemble Workshop with Audrey Powne 90min 

Management Masterclass for the independent musician

Composer/trumpet player/arranger/vocalist Audrey Powne, works with instrumentalists to develop your sound, focusing on arranging, improvisation and performance. 

Strategy and Goals

Producer/manager Linda Catalano works with artists on developing their strategy and goals, explains how to get festival gigs and coordinate your own tours, and breaks down industry myths in this very informative session. 

Songwriting with Monique Boggia and Laura Ingram


In this practical songwriting workshop, pianist/songwriter Monique Boggia and vocalist/songwriter Laura Ingram guide you through writing your own compositions. The workshop will cover: lyric writing and editing; how to write a compelling melody; Diatonic harmony and song structure; writing a chord chart and tips to prepare you for a studio recording. 

Workshops and Masterclasses can be specifically tailored to cater for school groups, community groups and tertiary education, please get in touch for more information.